Comprehensive & Meaningful features for Enterprise Implementations

Why choose eFACiLiTY®?

eFACiLiTY® visitor management system offers your visitors a delightful experience while streamlining your security and managing your visitor logs in a swift.

Quick Registrations

Pre-registration and approvals for groups & individuals, email/SMS invites with QR codes/Barcodes

ID Scanning

Business card scanning, NFC, Smartcards/e-Passport integration for speedy registrations


Digital signature capture for visitor NDAs/disclaimers, legal documents, health & safety requirements

Custom Badge Printing

Print customizable visitor badges with disclaimers/gate pass with Barcoded QR Code/Vehicle entry pass

Instant Notifications

SMS, email, push/app notifications, host notifications, & emergency alerts keeps hosts/admins in-sync

Alerts & Watchlists

Blacklist verification with facial recognition, automated threat alerts, visits overstay/extend alerts

Custom Workflows

Visitor specific sign-in, multi-level approval workflow, time-bound & visitor-specific access requirements


Manage multiple entry points across multiple locations with site-specific language & compliance settings


Multi-lingual support for easy and intuitive visitor check-in experiences across all your business locations

Emergency Evacuation

Trigger mass evacuation alerts to visitors, alert hosts & send on-site visitors list to security personnel

COVID-19 Ready

Collect travel history, Record symptoms of illness, Sign-off on legal health declarations, Track visitor movement

Actionable Insights

Real-time location specific dashboards & analytics, visitor feedback, etc.