Product Support Policy

SIERRA Product Updates and Upgrades:
From time to time SIERRA may develop permanent fixes for known problems in the Software and incorporate them into a formal “Update” to the Software, or may add new functions or capabilities to the Software (“Upgrade”). If buyer is receiving Maintenance Support from SIERRA on the general release date for an Update or Upgrade, SIERRA will provide the buyer with the Update and related Documentation (the standard user documentation, manuals and other printed and online reference materials, delivered to Buyer by SIERRA which relate to the Software), both at no additional charge to the Buyer.

Technical Support via Telephone and Electronic Mail:
Client’s authorized system personnel will be entitled to contact the SIERRA support line during the normal business hours on regular business days, excluding SIERRA holidays, to consult with SIERRA technical analysts concerning problem resolution, bug reporting, documentation clarification, and general technical guidance. Client’s authorized system personnel may also contact SIERRA through electronic mail or fax. Requests for technical assistance may come only from the designated System personnel from Client.

Other Software:
SIERRA shall have no support obligations with respect to any hardware or software product other than the eFACiLiTY® Software.