Visitor Management System

Ensuring safe & secure visitor management for SBI’s Global IT Center at Hyderabad

The Client

State Bank of India often called as ‘the banker to the nation’ is a fortune 500 company, owned byw3 the Government of India. Headquartered in Mumbai, it is India’s largest public sector bank providing banking and financial services across the globe.

SBI created a Global IT Center in Hyderabad, a new modular facility with one of the largest data center in the financial domain, as a part of its expansion plans to enhance its IT infrastructure. It was one of the ambitious rollout of an IT infrastructure in India, a state-of-the-art a hyper-scale facility, with a lot of advanced features housing about 1050 Network/Storage/Communication racks.

It is a highly restricted and secured infrastructure since it is the nerve center of all financial transactions for the banking behemoth. It is also interesting to note that the data center is designed like the logo of the company. This facility is one of its kind in terms of a data center. The security and safety is paramount and is integral in its operations given that millions of transactions happen online at a time the country is poised for a digital leap in terms of fintech.

The Challenge

Honeywell, the BMS implementation partner for SBI wanted to have a fully controlled visitor management system that could be seamlessly integrated into their access control system, to monitor & track visitors in real-time. The physical infrastructure was in place, and they wanted to leverage that with a visitor management system that could make the best integration of their access control systems, scanners and other software, to screen visitors, register them, print badges and give restricted access in terms of time and location.

The Solution

Honeywell, during its discussions and market research, found eFACiLiTY® Visitor Management System to be very suitable and easy to integrate with the customization required. The SBI tech team was fully assured with the scale of extensive experience SIERRA had in executing government projects across the world. It is significant that eFACiLiTY Visitor Management Module is fully compliant of ISO 27001:2013 requirements, the internationally recognized best practice framework for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

With eFACiLiTY® Visitor Management ISMS comes integrated as a standard.

  • Custom workflows & approvals
  • User-definable visitor badges
  • Seamless integration
  • Centralized visitor management
  • Instant notifications
  • Visitor tracking & reporting

December 2017 saw SBI and eFACiLiTY® coming together to deploy eFACiLiTY® Visitor Management System at the SBI Global IT Center, Hyderabad, India and the system went live in Jan 2018.

Some of the features of eFACiLiTY®

Visitor Management System

  • Foolproof visitor management solution which allows only preauthorized visitors to the data center
  • Seamlessly integrated with SBI’s access control system for tracking visitor movement within the data center
  • Automated visitor sign-in/sign-out thereby eliminating unauthorized security breach
  • Single-point dashboard to view visitors’ lifecycle across multiple locations of the data center, enhancing their operational visibility
  • Comprehensive visitor database access for SBI team, all in a single click to ease tracking and monitoring
  • Real-time host availability tracking and instant host notification for visitor’s approval to the data center
  • Custom made badge/pass printing with visitor photo along with facility visitor regulations and disclaimers
  • Register all materials carried in/out & returnable items
  • Time-bound/permissible area restricted access tracking and breach of time/restricted access notification in real-time
  • Visitor history tracking for blacklisted visitor verification

Key Benefits

eFACiLiTY® Visitor Management System proved to be the perfect solution for the unique visitor management requirements of the SBI Global IT Center (GITC) in real-time especially for such a restricted, secured and important infrastructure.

SBI team now has the advantage of a very robust eFACiLiTY® visitor management system with key benefits that include:

  • Real-time visitor data, tracking & monitoring
  • Access control integration
  • Automatic sign-in/out
  • Overstay alerts/Instant notifications
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Optimized data center security
  • Comprehensive reporting